Africa BIM Library is a digital library with a categorised collection of component-based manufacturing products, projects and integrated BOM management, along with the means for organising, storing, and retrieving the digital content.

Understanding your needs, making it our goal to simplify your Workflows Enabling collaborative exchange of digital content along all stages of construction.

Who We Are

At Africa BIM Library we understand the needs of building sector professionals, purchasers and component manufacturers, making it our goal to simplify their workflows. For this purpose we have developed a digital BIM library designed around these needs in the building and construction environment.

You can freely browse and compare products from manufactures and download their associated specifications and digital content.

Product specifications can be directly downloaded into specification design tools in a variety of formats and platforms.

Manufacturers use Africa BIM Library as a platform to brand, host and manage their products/data including product builds and integrated bill-of-materials management (BOM).

Building sector professionals use Africa BIM Library to source relevant content and to specify the ideal solution.

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We are a small team of digital software engineers, brand specialists, architects, designers and alliance partners.


To provide relevant BIM content that addresses the needs of building sector professionals along all stages of construction.


Africa BIM Library is built as a next generation “Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)” application provided “in the cloud”. A high quality infrastructure with the highest level of performance and reliability in a Linux Cloud Hosting facility.

Our brand personality is systematic, competent, engaging and innovative.

Branding Director